Fletcher Lacrosse Fundraiser: Run With the Sticks

Thanks to all of the sponsors and runners who helped keep Lacrosse alive at Fletcher High.

Chinese New Year

It’s always great to see my friends at First Coast Families with Children from China It’s amazing to see these beautiful children each year. I can see the change year to year as they thrive in the love and stability of thier new families here in Jacksonville.

Corporate Photography for Interlink!

Had a blast taking the “Team” shots for the go-getters at Interlink. They wanted something fun, that reflected their individual personalities. I think we delivered… and I love how they used them. Just as fun as they are!

Their newly redesigned corporate web site is now live ( and AikoPhoto’s corporate headshots are front and center on the “Team” page. Check it out!

Holiday Classic: The Nutcracker

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to have photographed the Community Nutcracker presentation in Jacksonville again this year. Spectacular performances, and wonderful opportunities to get some terrific shots of the talented dancers! Check out some of the images on my Facebook site. And from all of us at AikoPhoto: Happy Holidays!


Launching our new look!

I am so thrilled to launch the new site for AikoPhoto! I’d like to especially thank our Senior Art Director Trish Diggins and the team at Interlink Service Associates for their help in putting together the site and getting us launched. Great job, team!

Thanks, San Jose Catholic School

AikoPhoto gets to work with a lot of amazing people at some really terrific companies. We’re especially lucky to get to work with one of our newest clients, the terrific administration and faculty at San Jose Catholic School in Jacksonville, FL.

Having recently completed their annual school pictures for every grade, we’ve gotten terrific feedback from both school officials and parents alike. It’s our privilege to be able to capture the kids images as they grow. I remember having my photo taken throughout my school years – and there are some that still make me smile. (And a few that make me cringe… but we won’t talk about those!)

Thanks to everyone for making our time at San Jose Catholic School so great. We’ll see you all next year!

Happy Parents = Happy Photographers!

We finished shooting a very large school in Jacksonville. It was terrific! Great people, great kids. We delivered the proofs of all the smiling faces to the schools a few days ago. So far, we’ve had great feedback from the parents and the school officials. Can’t wait to go back next year!

Web Work: Two New Shoots

Two great recent shoots for two local Jacksonville companies: Interlink Service Associates and All Purpose Printing and Graphics. Jim Moore and Trish Diggins (aiko’s principle photographer and sr. art director) went and got some terrific in-house shots for both teams.

The APPAGI staff was super cooperative and quite fun – all that pretty, pretty ink, paper… and the huge presses churning out project after project. We got to meet nearly everyone on staff, plus, APPAGI is installing some really cool new printing equipment, plus we got to meet their newest shop dog, Lola. (What a cutie!) Their pics are on their site’s The Team page, and the pup’s pics are already online, too!

The guys at Interlink were a blast… an entire shop of all-out computer geeks (it’s not derogatory, they proudly call themselves that!) with big personalities and an even bigger sense of humor.

Thanks to everyone for being such great subjects. We love our clients – and we hope it shows in our work! Check back soon to see what the aiko team’s doing next!